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Coding is actually about having the correct tooling, to code as less as possible yourself. Types of API’s you consume is actually one of them. In traditional codebases the first thing I check is how they normalise stuff. Naming is important. And its always a surprise what you will find. Most common you see mocked, typed interfaces far from the actual truth of the API.

So how to automate that? Lets start at the open-api spec of the API itself. Once you have access to its docs (for example a lot of services use standard toolings like Swagger) and when…

A couple of weeks before Christmas we were ready to run a load test ahead of the expected Christmas peak for our online webshop. For the past month, we’d been hard at work building our new content pages. They looked great and we were excited to release them. The question on our minds: Would our app withstand the load?

Our application is an isomorphic React application running on NodeJS with full server-side rendering. Other parts of the main application run as separate applications on different clusters. Each application is deployed into Kubernetes and has one single CPU/core available by default…

In work I switch from project to project. At least one common thing that’s always the same is using mocks to firmly test your modules.
The thing I love about GraphQL is that this complete setup for a client actually takes me minutes, while other implementations take me hours or even days.
The thing I love about TypeScript is that the work can be nicely done too, not minutes but close. Let’s see.

The problem with mocks is that no one keeps them up to date. Or when doing so gives a lot of overhead when not done correctly (just…

In my last assignment we have a proxy which handles authentication. Before its creation we had to think about a way to still work locally, while actually using that same proxy.

So this started simple because the first thing what came to my mind was `http-proxy-middleware`, from my former colleague Steven. Who also won our bet on “number of downloads of an own library” by the way (yes sometimes i lose a lot of bets during an assignment).

The first Prototype was created instantly. As always the first version was done in an hour, but then the real problems started…


Strike any key. Inspired by JavaScript, NodeJS, GraphQL and Devops.

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